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Katherin B. FitzPatrick

Author/ Writer

Katherin's Books

Katherin's Books

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Do not post spam on my site

Posted by Kathie Fitzpatrick on May 15, 2020 at 10:35 PM

Do not post spam comments on my site unrelated to my books. Thank you. They will be deleted immediately.--Kathie

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Whatever Happened To The Zodiac Killer?

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"Whatever Happened To The Zodiac Killer?" is now available online at: 

Amazon :

In Mid-October 1978, a couple who witnessed the Zodiac Killer stalking couples at three locations in the space of 25 minutes, entered into a high speed chase with the Zodiac near midnight on the Novato freeway after leaving Vista Point, where they saw him stalking a couple who was moments away from being gunned down. Once they came upon the scene, he panicked and fled, initiating a high speed chase. The San Francisco Chronicle who received a letter from the Zodiac stating that he would strike and kill that very weekend, thought that the letter must have been from an imposter because no one turned up dead, as he had threatened. After that, there were ten years of silence.

About that time, their high school daughter went to school with a friend whom she discovered was the grandson of a key detective of the Zodiac case. The grandfather had passed away some years prior. As a result some key facts came into a state of disconnect. The teenager had followed the facts of the case since a boy, and one day two youth put two pieces of a puzzle together. That afternoon, their teen daughter Yvonne came home from school, and dropped a bombshell:

"He's going to call tonight, and tell you what happened to the Zodiac after he escaped you and Dad during the chase on the freeway." That he did. Remarkable.

The public has remained highly curioius about the mystery of the disappearance of the Zodiac Killer for over four decades. The crimes of the Zodiac Killer has been the subject of a major motion picture, and numerous books and documentaries. Still the mystery remains unsolved.

I believe our story is the only real story as to what did actually happen to him. After three decades, I have decided to tell the story. This screenplay is a family movie, as not even shot is fired. Our main characters, Russell and Tina George (fictional names), were unknowing heros, hindering his efforts to gun down the couples, as he panicked and fled the scene, convinced that Russell and Tina must have been undercover agents. These real life couples, at the crosshairs of his automatic weapon, will never know how close they came, only within moments of death! The film unfolds to be a warmhearted story of the family who held the secret for so many years. Yes, the secret is revealed...but we don't want to tell you yet!

If you are a Producer or Executive at a major fim studio, and need to know more detail, and register to receive a screenplay of "Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?" by Katherin B. FitzPatrick, contact me at [email protected] or the home office at 509-966-1965. Be sure to see the summary of further details on-line at: The screenplay is copyrighted by the U.S. Copyright office and also registered with the Writer's Guild in Los Angeles.


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Hello Friends:

The book version of "Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?" is in progress through Xulon Press, and I'm very excited about it!  We hope to target market San Francisco through, radio and TV programs, and social media, plus some bookstore appearances, either late this year or early spring of 2014.

This book is far more than just entertainment, but carries an important message of the importance of the reality of the supernatural where angels and demons actually exist, and they do warfare over us daily!  God really does dispatch angel armies when necessary.

We actually do tell what happened to the famous phantom killer who mocked and scorned police, claiming, "You'll never capture me!"  He never counted on running into a couple late that mid-October evening in 1978 who had just left church in San Francisco, then later  ran into him stalking couples in three locations in the space of 25 minutes!  He was terrified at being discovered!  They  wound up in a high speed chase after him leaving Vista Point, onto the Novato Freeway. Later the facts unfolded as to his actual fate. This is a true story, however some names have been changed.  Watch for the book later this year.  Movie negotiations continue to be on-going. --Katherin B. FitzPatrick--Author

Update 4-27-14

Hello friends!

Yes, the book project for "Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?" through Xulon Press has been on-going. It will release in late May or at least in time for the International Christian Trade Show in Atlanta, Georgia June 22-25th. I look forward to all the excitment out there with the bookstore owners, publishers, Christian music groups, and all the newly released books! I will be interviewed by Mary Nichelson, a very well known book reviewer who has reviewed both "Angel Promises," and "The Wish" for her on-line book review column, "Mary's World." She also has a radio show. But we have never met in person!  How fun will that be?

I will also be out there with my dear friend of many years, Ann Ault. Ann is an actress, author and screenwriter. Before ICRS we will be attending ICVM, the International Christian Visual Media Conference. We are both screenwriters so we hope to do some valuable networking there. Wow...what  a ten days this will be. More news after I return!--Katherin

"Whatever Happened to The Zodiac Killer?"

Posted by Kathie Fitzpatrick on October 22, 2011 at 1:20 AM Comments comments (1)



Based on a true story.  Most names have been changed.

After the 1978 Mid-October encounter with the Zodiac Killer in San Francisco one late evening, witnessing him attempting to stalk couples in three locations within the span of about 25 minutes, our primary characters in the story, Russell and Tina George, broke out into a high speed chase departing from Vista Point, on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.  The old white car he drove was a disguise, just like him. The old car obviously had a big engine in it designed for the escape!  He surged ahead, with his usual "phantom advantage," and escaped into the night.

After that evening, the San Francisco Chronicle, who had just a received a letter from the Zodiac earlier that week threatening to stike that weekend, called the writer of the letter an "imposter," because nobody turned up dead in that time frame.. The following Monday morning, Tina George begged the San Francisco police to keep the true story of what happened that Sunday night out of the papers. The couple had chased him at high speeds trying to capture only his license plate number, but failed.  "He thinks he is as good as captured. We saw him, saw his car, and we saw what he was doing.  Let's let him think we got his license plate number.  If he reads that we didn't..he will come back."  The police cooperated. 

Ten years of silence followed, until a high school student, the grandson of one of the key dectectives on the Zodiac case...put it all together. The grandfather had passed away, and certain facts had slipped through the cracks.  The high school student, Tony, just happened to go to the same high school in the east bay as Tina and Russell's teenaged daughter, Yvonne. One day the two students had a conversation in the school cafeteria, and discovered each held a piece of the missing puzzle...Yvonne through her parents, and Tony through his grandfather.

 "Mom...he will call you about what he knows, TONIGHT."

The story unfolds over the years, as the dark contrast of who the Phantom Zodiac Killer was, and the warm and sometimes funny family of Russell and Tina George, delighfully merge. The true life family all worked in television production at a television station and broadcast center in Northern California, even the children were actors. In the story, over the years as bits and pieces of new evidence trickled in, it  provided new and amazing circumstances and insights to a story which is considered one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of all time!

You've never seen a Zodiac movie like this! "Whatever Happened to the Zodiac Killer?"



Posted by Kathie Fitzpatrick on September 19, 2010 at 9:45 PM Comments comments (2)

“Rumblings”…Synopsis of the Book and Screenplay


“Rumblings” is a modern day story which opens in the late 1990’s and continues to the present day. It is an autobiographical story of Katherin FitzPatrick, the real-life “Lizzie Baines,” a chocolate-chip-cookie-baking Mom/wife/Realtor. Lizzie has another life in black leather helping to turn at-risk teens and gang kids around who had landed in youth detention. Sometimes these kids were arrested and held for serious crimes, such as drug running, arson, gang shootings and murder.

The setting is the quiet Ahtanum Valley in Washington State, which, in the 1980’s, boasted the most apple production in the nation. Over the next two decades, the formerly huge world apple production began to suffer for a variety of reasons. Starting small, but like the fanning of a flame, there was a growing outbreak of violence and crime among the immigrant Hispanic fruit pickers, and other Hispanic immigrants who decided that the area was perfectly positioned geographically for drug-running nationwide. Suddenly this quaint town, which was known for an almost “Mayberry” type innocence, was marred by the rising of gangs, mostly on the old north and east side of town, but was, nevertheless, present and growing. At first, the region was in denial about the existence of these gangs. Unfortunately, that created the perfect environment for this evil to grow to even more monumental proportions in the community over the next twenty plus years.

Our story opens in 1997, when Lizzie Baines, an active Christian in her church, is faced with the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of these at-risk and criminal youth. It involved facing the evil that was resident within them, straight from the powers of hell. Lizzie combated this evil with the greater force that she knew would win … the winning force and power which came from God. It was a battle for their very hearts and souls. They knew something evil possessed them, but they were helpless to combat or even identify it.

As Lizzie advanced more deeply into success by rescuing these teens from darkness and hopelessness through faith  Bible-based programs, she noticed that it was more than the gangs who were “rumbling” at times. It was the powers of hell that were “rumbling” against Lizzie for these trophies of grace that the evil ones had lost…the kids who had escaped from the darkness into the light and into a new life. “Rumblings” is the true story of the struggle and the battles to free these youth, showing the price that was paid and their real-life stories.

Lizzie began to see dark forces creep into her own life and family, as a “cult” leader, Larry Hilliard, succeeded in mesmerizing her family members, and stealing away their affections. Lizzie’s teen daughter, who was a firefighter, was killed under very suspicious circumstances in a fatal forest fire. The very fire itself seemed to have a trickster, demonic personality and Lizzie wondered if she could find the strength to go on after her daughter’s death. Lizzie stood at the burned-out death site in the forest, and cried out to God : “I am NOT down. This youth mission is NOT over, but it will continue!”   Lizzie told the devil, “With God's help … this battle is NOT over!”

That very year, in 2001, a program was created: The Young Lion’s Youth Ministry Program, which can be facilitated by trained teams of caring men and women in any city in the world where there is a youth detention facility. People who care to participate in what Lizzie calls “The Extreme Teen Rescue,” will find the 200+ page book of her messages and training tools very helpful for individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of these young people. “Rumblings” is more than a story. This story can be brought to life and success in your city as well!

Angel Promises by Katherin B. Fitzpatrick

Posted by Kathie Fitzpatrick on September 19, 2010 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (1)


She was beautiful... she was outspoken, she was multi-talented, and widely known on her high school campus, and in the community. As a youth her coaches believed she could have trained and succeeded in the Olympics, but she wanted to use her strength and speed to help people. She wanted to be a firefighter. Karen Lee FitzPatrick, age 18, was the youngest firefighter to perish while battling the blaze of the historic catastrophe, The Thirtymile Fire on 7/10/01. She was known as a great young woman of faith who inspired many in her short lifetime. Now, you can read her poems, her essays, her inspirational wall writings, see images from the fire, and read the handwritten journal notes taken from her fire pack after her death. The center piece poem was written about her when she was first born. It turned out to be prophetic of her life: "Angel Promises."

Projected Publication date: June 2007.

To see more about this book. Please click the following link 


"Winepress Publishing Co. has closed, and "Angel Promises" can soon be ordered through the website for "Deep River Books." Please be patient during this transition. In the meantime, go to the books section of to order "Angel Promises." Thank You! Website is

Order "Angel Promises" through the Barnes and Nobel on-line site: Here's the link: ;

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The Wish by Katherin B. FitzPatrick

Posted by Kathie Fitzpatrick on September 19, 2010 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (3)

The Wish by Katherin Blackwood Fitzpatrick


Katherin Fitzpatrick, author of Angel Promises is back with a book that is sure to please all ages. When a self proclaimed dull rock decides the life of a star is more glamorous than what she is experiencing, her friend The Wind steps in to take the dull, little rock on a journey. As the little rock moves from place to place, she changes to become something precious. But in the process, will she continue to strive to be a star shining in the heavens or become the little rock she was destined to be?

Packed with the sort of wisdom parents long to pass on to their children, Fitzpatrick teaches self acceptance through a light-hearted, entertaining approach. Don't underestimate the impact, however, on all ages, as this timeless story will become relevant to everyone. If you have ever wanted to be someone else, or thought you could never do anything with your life, The Wish will gently remind you that life is a process and even though you may think you are mundane, or dull, you have the potential to become precious. In fact, you are precious. It's just a matter of realizing the journey is as important as the end result.

 "THE WISH," now available through Amazon books, for $13.99

 Go to enter books, then enter: The Wish FizPatrick

For all those who purchase a print version at $13.99,  the Kindle Book version is availalble for only $1.99 through Kindle Match!  This book also is available as an audio book! You will enjoy sharing this book with your child or grandchild! Be sure to check out all th new 5 star reviews. I'm really proud of them!


ISBN 978-1-456-47738-7

Copyright:  Katherin B. Fitzpatrick (Standard Copyright License)

Edition :2nd

Publisher: Amazon Create Space

Published: 2011

Copyright 2009: Katherin B. FitzPatrick 

Language English

Pages 50 


Any young kids in your world?

Actually, this is a big kids book in disguise! Enjoy my new illustrated children's book. The story is timeless, according to the reviewers. Handpainted color illustrations. Note the sale in the ad below--Kathie